5 napos vízböjt: 6. nap

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  1. I honestly think that all the hubbub about “transitioning” back into eating is for fasts that last over a week. I usually fast for four days (the most I find I can do without disrupting family and professional life), and I find that I only have to be careful about the very first meal. Once the body gets the message “Oh! he’s eating again!” The second meal is no big deal. I do find that I get the sensation of being full much faster, which I attribute to the stomach shrinking some while it’s empty. So, all in all, my experience is much like yours


    1. Yes, I agree. I also think there are a few more factors to the “transition hubbub”. One is your regular diet – if you’re a steak-and-chips kind of guy, I reckon it might take a little longer to transition back :-). But then again, if you’re a steak-and-chips guy, it’s pretty unlikely you’d be water fasting in the first place… Also is the question of experience. Over the years, I find the more I fast, the easier it gets. At the end of my first water fast, though, it did take a while to transition back (the massive cheese pizza for my first real meal didn’t help either…). And finally, I think books and teachers all understandably err on the side of caution, especially when they’re catering to a wide audience. There are always those sensitive souls out there with sensitive stomachs. Fair enough!


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