archer_squareYoga and Meditations in English:
Tuesday evenings: 7.00-9.00pm
– Friday/Saturday evening mini workshops

Due to limited space, please sign up beforehand:

How we practise:

Each class consists of three elements: conscious movement (yoga), conscious awareness (meditation) and discussion about conscious living.

In practising yoga, the emphasis isn’t about finding the perfect abstract body position – it’s about finding the perfection already inside us.  Through the body, we can let go of our mind, our worries, our ego.  Sometimes this means we have to challenge ourselves physically.  Sometimes this means we just have to stretch or breathe, really breathe.  Everyone is different, and we must all make our own individual journey within, towards the heart.

I also place a strong emphasis on meditation, with 20-30 minute sessions planned for each class.   Without being able to turn inwards, what chance is there to find our true Self – let alone being to release the stress which knots us?

We often combine the best aspects of two powerful traditions: the dynamic physical exercises of Kundalini Yoga and the sitting meditational practices of Kriya Yoga, as well as Zen, TM, Vipassana and other Buddhist meditational techniques.  I find this to be the safest and yet most effective means to experience our true nature: that beyond the finite, physical body we are limitless spiritual beings filled with infinite love.