April 2016: five day / four night retreat centred around a three-day water fast.

Location: Vászoly, Balaton felvidék
Date: 15th-19th April 2016 (Friday-Tuesday)
Price: 50,000 ft / 55,000 ft (see below for details)
Maximum number of participants: 10-12

stream with bridgeWhat is a water fast?
A water fast is a fast during which you don’t eat anything and drink only water or (in certain cases) medicinal teas with no calories.  During this water fast we will drink fresh spring water bottled daily from the source.

Why water fasting?
Water fasting is one of the most powerful methods for cleansing and detoxing both physically and emotionally.  You can learn so much about yourself through the process. You are confronted with addictions on every level: addiction to specific foods (such as sugars and caffeine), addiction to eating in general, as well as how you react to addiction in general.  In all these cases, you are confronted with your ego.  Through fasting, you are offered the opportunity to free yourself from the addictive-forming behavioural patterns caused by the ego.  Fasting is not about suffering, weight-loss and and punishing the body through deprivation.  It is about celebrating your deepest, inner self and enjoying your freedom from the “need” to eat.  It is about learning to love your body.  It is about learning to love and accept yourself – including your ego.  Learning to love and accept your ego is the only way to let it go.

Why three days?
Over the first three days of a water fast, the body changes its usual metabolism of burning carbohydrates to burning fat, as well as beginning a process of deep cleansing.  Without practice, this transition is difficult for most people.  This retreat will give you the experience and support you need to continue with longer water fasts in the future, which can provide even deeper levels of cleansing.

Why a retreat?
Your first three-day water fast can be extremely challenging, both physically and emotionally.  Being able to leave behind the demands of your job and family during this time can make a huge difference!  Fasting in a group can also provide a lot of strength when the going gets tough.

Is this retreat for me?
If you are interested in exploring your limits, your spirituality, if you want to come to a deeper understanding about who you are, and if you have some prior experience in fasting, then you can learn a lot from this retreat.  I myself have experience with numerous 10-day water fasts, as well as 3-day dry fasts (no food, no drink), and would like to pass my own knowledge on to you.

— Prior experience with a one-day water fast OR experience with three-day (preferably) low-calorie juice/soup fasts.  Please send me an email if you have any doubts.


Day 1 (Friday evening):
— “The last supper”: goodbye to food

Days 2-4 (Saturday-Monday):
— Gentle yoga (twice per day)
— Meditation
— Group discussion: sharing experiences (twice per day)
— Walks in nature
— Lectures on fasting and detox
— Support for anyone who is having a hard time 🙂

Day 5 (Tuesday morning):
— The first glass of orange juice!
— Transition back to food

Week before the retreat: meeting to prepare the participants

Price: 50,000 ft (to be paid in full by 15 Jan., 2016) / 55,000 ft (after 15 Jan., 2016)
Participation is secured through a non-refundable deposit of 20,000 ft
Price includes accommodation (double room), organic food (days 1 and 5), tuition and VAT

Registration and questions:
shivantar {at} t-online.hu

Photos of the location: