candle-flower(300x300)Yoga in English: Tuesdays 7.00-9.00pm

Classes are generally organised into month-long thematic courses.  Although you can profit most from attending all the classes of a given theme, it’s certainly possible to drop in to any class at any point within a course.

Due to limited space, please sign up beforehand: shivantar {at}

This year the weekly classes will follow the themes appearing in my book Growing into Being.  Every month we will approach a different topic presented in one of the chapters, and this will be reflected in the yoga/meditation exercises as well.


sept.: Mindfulness/awareness(“Now”)
oct.: Inner energy (“The Way of Light”):
nov.: Inner space (“Way of the Heart”)
dec.: Ego and enlightenment (“Ego and Enlightenment”)
jan.: Inner energy (“The Way of Light”)
feb.: Inner space (“Way of the Heart”)
mar.: “Fasting and detox
apr.: Love and Pain (“Love and Pain”)
may / jun. :   “Letting go and surrender