bridge_square_framedFor a deeper experience of ourselves, the Friday and Saturday evening mini-workshops can provide a useful tool.  All workshops are held bilingually.

Due to limited space, please sign up beforehand:
shivantar {at}

FRIDAY EVENING MINI WORKSHOPS (fortnightly 7.00-9.00pm, price: 3,000 ft. if not marked otherwise):

The Mantra evenings consist of gentle yogic warm-ups followed by a mantra meditation (45-60 minutes), thus providing for a longer meditation than that in the weekly classes.

The Growing into Being evenings consist primarily of discussion relating to consciousness and spiritual issues, as appearing in my book by the same name.  We will concentrate on the given monthly theme in the weekly classes, and it’s likely that we’ll meditate as well.  Full website for Growing into Being (in English):

4 sept. – Mantra evening
25 sept. – Growing into Being: Book Launch (free)
9 oct. – Mantra evening
23 oct. – no class
12 nov. (Thursday!) – Mantra evening
27 nov. – Growing into Being
10 dec. (Thursday!) – Mantra evening

SATURDAY EVENING MINI WORKSHOPS (7.00-9.00pm, price: 3,000 ft. if not marked otherwise):

10 oct. – Kundalini: energia, life, consciousness: all about  kundalini: how it appears, how we experience kundalini, so-called Kundalini Syndrome, what exactly is Kundalini?, with question-answer discussion.

28 nov. – Autumn diet and fasting: why is it worth dieting in the Autumn, how to approach fasting, what possibilities are there?, with yogic exercises and question-answer discussion.

12 dec. – The Tibetan Book of the Dead: the world’s most detailed description of the process of dying and the journey following death into the so-called Bardo, offers valuable lessons to the living as well.