Date: 16-19 February 2018 (4 days / 3 nights, Friday 4pm – Monday 3pm)
Location: Dömös, Pilis (Danube bend)
Accommodation: Former hunting lodge on the edge of the forest (double rooms)
 Gluten-free vegan monodiet
Price: 57,000 HUF (reduction for couples, see below)

Silence, snow, spreading
Outside, inside
Each moment of being…

What is mouna (silence) and why practise it?

“Mouna” is the Sanskrit word for silence and here refers to consciously giving up verbal communication during most of the retreat.

Why stop talking? Because our whole environment is filled with noise: cars, sirens, television… How can we even hear ourselves think?

Why stop talking? Because we ourselves create noise through every word we speak. How can we hear our true, inner voice behind all the chatter? And much deeper, how can we feel the silence and infinite peace which spreads through the space of our heart?

In doing we create noise.
In silence we create being.

What is vipassana and why practise it?

Vipassana is the meditation of being and being present.

By being present to hear and hold the space for both our inner voices as well as the sounds around us, we can gradually let them go into deeper silence, into pure being.

What is a monodiet and why practise it?

A monodiet means limiting yourself to just one type of food for the duration of the diet. We will eat a simple, nutritious and filling vegan monodiet (although, for those who wish, fasting is also possible).

A monodiet allows you to let go of the ‘excitement’ of taste. Otherwise, it’s too easy to use herbs and spices, as well as the constant variety of different dishes, to distract yourself from the silence within.

Why is mouna good for couples too?

In the everyday words of everyday life, it’s easy to forget the essence of a relationship. It’s easy to forget why you fell in love in the first place.

By spending consciously silent time together, by rediscovering the non-verbal forms of communication which get lost in everyday life, it’s possible to refresh and revive the love which lies at the heart of any long-term relationship.


Friday from 4pm:
— arrival, discussion, dinner, the beginning of mouna
— evening yoga/meditation (the yoga will be suitable for beginners, and is designed for simple stretching)

Saturday and Sunday (mouna throughout):
— yoga/meditation at dawn and dusk
— activities to increase mindfulness
— walks in the forest (including Rám-szakadék and Prédikálószék, weather permitting)
— moving meditations
— balancing pranayamas (breathing exercises)
— creation and release of mandalas
— monodiet breakfast, lunch and dinner

Monday until 3pm:
— dawn yoga/meditation
— breakfast, end of mouna
— discussion and sharing of experiences
— lunch, closing meditation, departure for home

Except for the required mouna (silence) and discussions, participation in all other activities is optional 

Price: 57,000 HUF  (reduction for couples: 2 x 50,000. HUF)
Participation is secured through a non-refundable deposit of 20,000 HUF, the remainder to be paid upon arrival.

Registration and questions:
shivantar {at}

Pictures of the location and surrounding countryside: